Customized tours for groups

A group can be... extended family

...a group of friends

...a choir or a band

...a church group

... a Sons of Norway-group….

You name it!


We can do escorted tours for smaller or bigger groups. For smaller groups we use a 16-seater Mercedes Sprinter. Minimum group size is normally around 10 people, but we can do exceptions. We have done tours for groups as small as 8 people. For larger groups we use a full size motor coach with up to 50 seats. Normally the minimum groups size is 20, but also here we can do excpetions.


When you contact us, you will get a quote for a tour after we have discussed where we are going, when, how long and what you want to include. This quote is free of charge and with no other obligations!


Here are some suggestions for themes:


  • Family heritage tour. We have done several of those tours. We can help find family and the farm where your ancestors came from. We have worked with a few different families where the grandparents have invited all their children, grandchildren and in-laws for a once in a lifetime family experience to Norway! Actually, some of the families have traveled with us two times, so it has become twice in a lifetime. And one family is already talking about a third tour.
  • Tour for “Bygdelag”. We have done the tour for Trønderlag of America two times, very successful tours! We help set up unique experiences, and a lot of the success of the tours have been because of our cooperation with local historians, genealogists etc.
  • Tours for choirs or bands. We can help set up performances and concerts in cooperation with local cultural institutions, churches etc.
  • Architectural Tours. Norway has a very rich architecture heritage. Everybody know about the unique Stave Churches, but Norway has a lot of interesting new and contemporary architecture. Did you for example know that the Visitor Center at Ground Zero on Manhattan, NY, was designed by the Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta?
  • Agricultural Tours. Erling has previous background from farming, and have lead agricultural tours from Norway to America, as well as taking American groups to farms in Norway. 


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Example of the vehicle we use for smaller groups. Mercedes Sprinter, room for 16 passengers plus luggage

Trønderlag of America - 2019

Nelson Family (Chicago) - 2019

Trønderlag of America - 2014

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